Who We Are

We are real people who happen to enjoy helping people and their business succeed.


We are a lot like you.


We are Mac users, We like sunny days. We are real people who happen to do accountancy and bookkeeping. We make it fun, and it can be really, really hard. And when everything goes right, we get to help people like ourselves live a little bit better. That feels pretty good.


Vip Patel

Founder and Owner of Accountsforme. Vip’s academic background was in computer science. He comes to the field of Accountancy purely out of personal passion and to disrupt traditional way of thinking of and doing accounting. He is also an avid football fan and lover of F1. He lives in Watford with his wife and has 2 daughters.

Joe Fielder

Super into video games and music. Passionate about technology and incredible attention to detail and most importantly he loves to help people (especially our clients). When not behind a computer screen, Joe enjoys playing video games and is a bit of a foodie.

Richard Doyle

Our resident boxer. Big Richard is the office friendly giant. A Tottenham fan (we forgive him). He too loves to help people and has a passion for learning about business and accountancy.

Ben Mckenzie

The baby of the office. Ben has a passion for outdoor pursuits, a Duke of Edinburgh Award winner and generally does what young people do, Party!