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Meet Vip Patel - Founder of Accountsforme

Meet Vip Patel, the dynamic and passionate founder of Accountsforme. Vip's fascinating journey began in the throbbing world of video gaming, where he innovated, entertained, and led the industry for several decades. At 50, he decided to hang up his gaming gloves, not for a life of relaxation, but to dive headfirst into a completely different arena – accounting, bookkeeping and more.

Vip's transition from the colorful landscapes of video gaming to the precise and orderly world of accounting might seem surprising to many. However, behind this shift was a unique mix of passion and a thirst for disruption. Vip recognized the potential for innovation within the accounting space, often overlooked in the face of more 'exciting' sectors.

Now, with Accountsforme, he brings his extensive experience in disruption and the fresh perspective of an outsider to revolutionise the world of accounting. His vision is clear: to simplify, innovate, and make accounting smooth and supportive for all, eliminating the dread associated with numbers, deadlines and inconsistent management.

Despite his shift from gaming to accounting, one thing remains constant: Vip's unyielding passion for disruption, innovation, and making a difference. He's not just a founder, but a game-changer in the truest sense.

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